Want to Volunteer


Volunteer Benefits

HWGA Volunteers Get to SHOP EARLY and SAVE!​

You do not have to become a consignor to volunteer; you can be a mom/dad, grandma or grandpa, friend of the family; however you must be at least 18 years of age. Sign up to be a volunteer and shop with our consignors!  ​

By volunteering, you will receive the same treatment as the HWGA consignors!  All volunteers are invited to join the pre-sale, and shop before the Public. You must check schedule for exact times, and benefits based on number of shifts worked. 

Types of Tasks:

  •  Loading and Unloading the Truck (love to get Dad’s involved) plus working this shift gains access to one hour early shopping on Sunday the ½ off day.
  • Organize Departments
  • Rough Set Up ( getting items to appropriate department)​
  • Sale Security ( low level security monitoring – great shift for Dad’s)
  • Working the Sales Floor, helping shoppers
  • Check – Out (bagging, collecting hangers, helping out to cars)
  • Tear down clothes/racks  
  • Sort Consignor Items for Pick-Up        ​

Our Volunteers are treated as if they were a consignor, shopping the same early bird slots based on shifts worked. Consignors and Volunteers working during the loading and unloading of the truck get to shop one hour early on Sunday @ 9am to kick off the ½ price event.  General public does not get to shop till 10am.

Can you think of a better way to meet other moms and dads?  All while having fun, making money and sharing the same interest.  You just might meet people that will become friends for a lifetime! ​

Consignors Wanted 

​Earn up to 80% on your outgrown children’s items, all while making new friends and having fun!  HWGA is looking for Spring/Summer items like, clothing (up to size 12), toys, books, puzzles, shoes, all kinds of baby gear, and outside play equipment!


Due to the nature of our business we have to limit credit card purchases to a minimum order of $30.00, or charge $2.00 Convience Fee. ​

We appreciate your understanding.​