Why Consign with HWGA?

Here Whee Go Again (HWGA) is a one week-end Super sale. (Thursday – Sunday).  We are not a store, nor do we ever intend to be a store. This format allows us to keep the overhead down, accept more and larger inventory, while our consignors have the opportunity to earn more money. There are NO employees, it is just me, the owner Kristine Rickert.

HWGA temporally leases various vacant retail and/or warehouse space for a wild and crazy event with fun being had by all!  Each year we offer a Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter sale in Cook,(Arl Hts, Schaumburg, Highland Park area) Lake, (Lake Zurich, Grayslake, Gurnee area) and McHenry County (Crystal Lake, Cary, McHenry).  That adds up to six sales a year!  My priority is Retail space therefore, HWGA is not always guaranteed the same space sale to sale. We will try and stay within a 10  mile radius of the last sale in each county whenever possible.​

​Making Money Through Consigning

As soon as we secure a location HWGA kicks into high gear.  We incur all the expenses to make the event a clean, well organized, and a well attended kid's consignment sale event.  The money taken from your sale's total allows HWGA to secure a high traffic space, promote good will in the community by offering $500 cash drawings, (see Preschool Drawing tab) and also by supplying all the display equipment needed to promote a more “boutique” style shopping experience. 

Consignors Shopping Opportunities

​Consignors working all three shifts, and one of them being a "Truck Shift" are invited to shop, starting on Wednesday 10am, and 9am on half off Saturday.  Consignors working all three shifts, but NOT A TRUCK SHIFT are invited to shop Wednesday anytime after 1:00 till 7:00 pm, and will receive a FREE GUEST pass for Thursday evening. Consignors working two shifts are invited to shop at 3:00 Thursday, and receive a FREE GUEST pass for Thursday evening. Consignors working one shift are invited to shop at 3:00 Thursday. All Consignors including "Valet" consignors can shop the Pre-Sale Thursday Evening Free of charge, even though they have not worked a shift. Volunteers who are not consignors are invited to shop with consignors at 3:00 on Thursday Free of charge.



Consigning Overview

Consignor Percentage Options

​HWGA works extremely hard to separate us from not only the garage sale and rummage sale mind set, but from our competition as well. We offer various consignor options starting with a base split of 50% and top​ping out at a 75%.  For those that like to be engaged, there is plenty of opportunity to make and/or save money; however, if your lifestyle is more hectic and you want to take advantage of our "Valet" service, we can accommodate you as well, by putting you in touch with a  Valet Consignor, who will tag your items for you and you will determine the fee between your selfs.


Donating Items
After the sale has ended, our work is still not complete, as we are diligent in finding various children charities to support for our consignors.  In the event you do not want to pick up your unsold items, HWGA tries to find organizations that will pick them up; offering an avenue in which consignors can “donate” their items with little hassle, and receive a report for tax deduction purposes.

Becoming a Consignor
Familiarize yourself with the Consignor Info Tab, and all of the drop downs. It will guide you through the process on how to get your items ready for our upcoming event.  The most recent event is always listed and consignors are notified via e-mail when registration is open.  Register for your own personal HWGA Cyber Closet, that you can access 24/7 365.  Take the stress off of getting your items ready for the next event.  When an event is announced, just transfer your items from your database to that particular event with the click of the mouse.  When the event is over, transfer them back!  Manage your inventory in one place all year round, with no last minute late night tagging sessions.

If this is your first time consigning, PLEASE read through the ENTIRE website before contacting me.  Take your time, point, click, read and absorb. Most of your questions are most likely answered here.  You should find the experience easy and even FUN.  Once you get your first sale under your belt I am confident you will be one of our many returning consignors.

This page gives a general overview pertaining to being a consignor

Due to the nature of our business we have to limit credit card purchases to a minimum order of $30.00, or charge $2.00 Convience Fee. ​

We appreciate your understanding.​